Our GreenStory Technology is unlike anything on the market today.


By adding a patented innovative compound, our products are capable of permanently removing free, emulsified, and dissolved hydrocarbons and other harmful organics in the water to significantly low levels.


This also allows your equipment and chemicals to do their job more effectively. As a result, the amount of chemicals needed to keep your pool and spa clear is cut drastically. Our certified technology does three important things to ensure cleaner, clearer water:

Removes heavy metals
Removes hydrocarbons
Removes sediment

Our Complete Product Line Includes:

Total Filtration Systems (multiple sizes for pools and spas)
Backwash Housings
Metal Monster Filling FIltration System
Universal Replacement Filters for all major brands
GreenStory Advanced Media Replacement (a better alternative to sand media)
Oil Grabber Skimmer Discs